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Good Food and Good Times at Tamale Kitchen

Monday, February 13th 2012. | Info

Tamale Kitchen has been known for many years for its Tamale Pie. This is a meal their loyal customers have been requesting from time to time when they come over for dinner. Not only the pies they make tastes extraordinary, but also you must try other menus with a delicious treat for a chilly Canadian day. They results wonderful, delightful and delicious foodie-heavens.

Good Food and Good Times at Tamale Kitchen

Tamale Kitchen

Tamale Kitchen has unique style for characterizing itself to serve Mexican foods. They used to complete the meals with some tomatillo sauce served with the tamales and a pot of black beans prepared simply by simmered slowly with whole habanero peppers and sliced onion for the last 30 minutes of simmering, they added some raw peppers, a pinch of cumin and some chopped cilantro stems. Their tops recipes often practiced by everyone, yet they still have no single customer leave them. Many families had never been Tamale Kitchen fans since they experienced Tamale Kitchen yummy foods. When they are in the restaurant, they often called this moment as “Tamale Time”. It is so much fun experiencing everyone enjoying good food, good friends and good times accompanied with a lot of laughter and just plain fun at Tamale Kitchen.

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