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How to Cook Up Your Kitchen Lighting Design Layout

Friday, March 2nd 2012. | Kitchen Lighting

Planning to build a new kitchen or remodel kitchen can be a big undertaking. There are some important ideas to consider when you will do the kitchen projects. They are such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, lighting, ventilation and more. Kitchen lighting is an important aspect in a kitchen. The bad lighting can create a bad mood and has been shown to affect depression. It can influence your kitchen atmosphere. May your cooking or working in kitchen can not be maximal. Kitchen lighting design layout is the best solution to develop a lighting plan.

How to Cook Up Your Kitchen Lighting Design Layout

Kitchen Lighting Design Layout

There are three types of lighting are used in kitchen lighting design layout. They are general lighting in the form of recessed lights, task lighting in the way of undercabinet lighting, and accent lighting. The first you should consider is break down your kitchen into four lighting layers. Second, you should label of each layer such as task surfaces, general, display and decorative. The locations of the kitchen counters sink and stove. Its aim for separate layers is to make easier to determine what needs to be each layer separately. The important of kitchen lighting design layout is how the lighting works surfaces. It needs only to be bright enough to ensure safe movement around the room

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