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How to make a good kitchen ventilation?

Wednesday, May 16th 2012. | Tips

The kitchen has a very important role for the survival of a household. The kitchen is a room that is very vital. From here the material is processed into raw foods ready to eat foods. So that health is a major factor. Here are the mothers spent most of his time each day. So that the kitchen should also be comfortable, so we feel at home in it.

Kitchen ventilation settings.

Because the activity in this room are in need of a good ventilation and lighting. Kitchen smoke should come out perfectly, not to contaminate the other room. Kitchen with good ventilation will use less energy and artificial lighting during the day. fresh air from the window helps to remove toxic gases and fungi.

Make sure the kitchen has a ventilation (opening windows and doors) is good for the smooth circulation of air. Kitchen ventilation of the two sides or more. In order for the air / steam in the kitchen can be replaced with fresh air. Rotating air is intended to avoid the smell and the onset of poisoning gases coming out of the smoke and gas stove.

kitchen ventilation opening windows and doors

If ventilation is not possible to make two-way due to the position of our kitchen, it can use the exhaust fan.

kitchen exhaust hood

If the mother’s kitchen is equipped with a kitchen set / wardrobe cabinet, even on the stove cooker hood should be installed to drain the smoke and steam from the cooking process. Currently on the market has been sold cooker hood with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Kitchen Lighting noticed.

Make sure your kitchen to get enough sunlight. Important role of natural lighting for the kitchen. In addition needed for lighting and kill the seeds of bacteria, also can avoid the kitchen of nuisance animals, such as cockroaches and rodents that like the corners of the room is dark and damp.

The kitchen also needs adequate artificial lighting. not too bright (so as not to glare), and not too dim to change color when cooked food can be known.

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