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Simple Tricks to Clean Kitchen Countertop Laminate

Thursday, May 10th 2012. | Kitchen Accessories, Tips

Laminate is one of the best kitchen countertop used in the kitchen. It is simple to clean and maintain, do not need a special upkeep for it. But keep in mind that laminate is also easily to get dirty and damaged by sharp objects and scorched by hot cookware. As you know that laminate is a manmade product which comes from composite material made of paper or other materials bonded at high heat and pressure between resins or plastic. Therefore the kitchen countertop laminate is not too durable, as it cracks, stains and disintegrates over time. So you should a bit extra maintain this kitchen countertop. But the question is how to clean the kitchen countertop laminate.

Kitchen Countertop Laminate

tips use kitchen countertop laminate

In fact, laminate is quite easy to clean. There are some ways and tricks to clean this kitchen countertop. And these are some simple tricks to clean kitchen countertop laminate. First, you must often wipe your countertop laminate with damp paper towels or soft rag. The goal is remove dirt and debris on it. Second, if you find the tough stains on your laminate, you can remove it by creating a paste directly on the spot with two parts baking soda and one part water. After that rinse and wipe clean it with warm water. You can do the other trick to remove the tough stains with a mixture of vinegar and cold water. Shake the mixture well and spray onto your laminate counter tops. Third, you should maintain your countertop surface by regularly applying a layer of laminate wax. It can resist dirt and stains.

Clean Kitchen Countertop Laminate

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