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The Excellence of Kitchen Triangle Design to Your Kitchen

Wednesday, February 29th 2012. | Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is the center rooms where there are many activities do in the kitchen. To support those activities, your kitchen should be efficient, because the efficient kitchen is the main key in having a happy life. But sometimes people have not made an efficient kitchen maximally. Kitchen triangle design can help you to minimize the problem. It is a principle of kitchen design that you should not be ignored. Kitchen triangle is made by connecting the three major work areas of a kitchen: the cleaning area (sink), the cooking area (range or cooktop) and the cold storage area (refrigerator). The aims of place these three elements in relation to each other is intrinsically connected to designing an efficient kitchen.

The Excellence of Kitchen Triangle Design to Your Kitchen

Kitchen Triangle Design

There are many factors that you should consider like the kitchen size and shape. You can use some various kitchen shapes, but its the fundamental efficiency revolves around the triangle. The purpose of triangle is to maximize the function, storage and design in your kitchen. It is operated to make your kitchen effectively and efficiently while you do your cooking activity. To make kitchen triangle function properly, you should select the right cooker, refrigerator and sink, others might add a designs add a dishwasher or microwave as your most used items. The elements in the triangle should be closer together to keep your movement in workspace to a minimum.

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