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The Ways of How to Put Up Backsplash Tile

Saturday, April 21st 2012. | Info

Are you bored of your backsplash tile in your kitchen? To lose your boredom, the great solution to solve it is to upgrade your backsplash tile. Adding a new backsplash tile can make your old kitchen to be look different. It brings a bright modern appearance to your old kitchen. But you must be sure to choose the right color and style tiles. To adding a new backsplash tile, you should know of how to put backsplash tile. The ways are not too hard to do, but if you are not a professional, it would seem hard to do.

The Ways of How to Put Up Backsplash Tile

How to Put Up Backsplash Tile

These are some ways of how to put up backsplash tile.
1. Remove the things around the kitchen cabinet like the stove and range hood and anything else that will be in your way when you are working on the backsplash
2. Install the backer board using galvanized drywall screw
3. Install a temporary ledger board along the base of your tile line to help hold them in place during installation.
4. Mark the visual focal point of your layout and use a level to draw a plumb starting line through it. Line up your backsplash tile vertically.
5. Applying tile mastic start the center until bottom using thin set mortar.
6. Repeat the installation like the first
7. Try to cut the tile as part of the installation when you get a place where you need to cut or trim a tile.

May those steps of how to put up backsplash tile can help you in backsplash tile project.

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