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Tips on Cleaning Kitchen Blower Hood

Saturday, May 19th 2012. | Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen blower hood is one of the most important kitchen accessories. Certainly, for the homeowners it must present in the kitchen. It can help you to protect your kitchen from the oil vapors, steam, smoke and much more is released into your kitchen atmosphere. The smoke or the others waste cooking can also end up on your eating utensils. Beside that, the smoke can collect and form oily layers on your kitchen accessories, ceiling, kitchen furniture and the other households. May them also can bring into your house. Do you know? If in long term, they would end up damaging your furniture as well as other accessories around your home. Therefore, you have to use kitchen blower hood.

Tips on Cleaning Kitchen Blower Hood

Kitchen Blower Hood

But in long term, the kitchen blower hood can be dirty and moldy. It is able too your kitchen to be look and feel dirty plus uncomfortable. To prevent it happening, you should clean the blower hood regularly. These are some tips on cleaning it. First, you ensure that you have turned off the power of the kitchen appliance such as stove. Second, you should make sure what types of your blower hoods. If it is soak filter in a degreaser, just rinse then try washing in the dishwasher. If it is stainless steel, it should wash up with regular dishwasher detergent no problem. But if it is aluminum, you have to be aware that dishwasher detergent can cause discoloration or pitting. And if it is charcoal filters, it means that you do not wash it, but just replace when needed.

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